F9153-Q 4pcs Bedroom set Black Faux Leather
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6pcs Bedroom  Black Faux Leather

1-Queen  Black Faux Leather) F9153Q Headboard 52"H
1-Set Of Wood Bedframes &14 Slats)
1-Nigth-Stand F4569 (26" x 17" x 26"H)
1-Mirror F4570 (39" x 35"H)
1-Dresser  F4571 (59" x 17" x 41"H)
Color : Black faux

5-drawers Chest: F4572 / 32" x 17" x 49"H ($299 Sold Seperdly)
Bench w/ Storage F4555 / 48" x 16" x 18"H($199 Sold Seperdly)

Note: "Assembly Required" (In-Box)

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  • Item #: F9153-Q

F9153-Q 4pcs Bedroom Black Faux Leather $699

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